Top 50 Horror Movies of All Time

I know, I know, it is horrible when you just want to know what is good and you sift through list after list of the same handful of movies.  Well, I am going to save you a ton of time and keep this easy for you.

My list will consist of awesome movies, in no particular order (because that is never true, just opinion), and with either brief info or no info to keep this flowing.  Some will shake you to your bones while others may be older, not as scary, but still have a sense or terror, shock, or disbelief.  I will throw in a few hard to find TV movies and maybe even a few creepy TV show episodes.  It’s my list and anything goes.

Ready!  Set! GO!

  1. Carrie (original)
  2. Nightmare on Elm St. (1, 2, 7 I watch together and sometimes I watch 1, 2, 3, 4 together but never 5, 6, or 8)
  3. Halloween (1 and 2 together. 3 stands alone. The rest, bleh)
  4. Rob Zombies Halloween 1 and 2 (creepy, keeps good pace of the original with some variation in story line)
  5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original and the 2013 movie)
  6. Satan’s Little Helper (low budget film quality, unique story. The gore is super fake and cheesy but it is comical and enjoyable)
  7. Trick R Treat (a new classic in my opinion. Short stories that tie together)
  8. The Midnight Hour (1985 TV movie. Everybody should try to get dead for this one)
  9. Poltergeist (1, 2, and 3. Of course, 1 is the best and Carol Ann is a doll.  The remake is not worth watching)
  10. Amityville Horror (Part 1 and the remake of part one)
  11. All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (enjoyable suspense watch with a twist at the end)
  12. The Shining (if you enjoy American Horror Story: Hotel, you will love The Shining)
  13. My Bloody Valentine (original and remake)
  14. The Changling – George C. Scott (super creepy because it seems so real)
  15. Carnival of Souls 1965 (mind-trip. It’s the 60s so not super scary but a disturbing organ will move you)
  16. Emily Rose (I am not in to possession and exorcism but this is scary)
  17. Annabelle (good classic feel lots of scenes similar to Rosemary’s Baby)
  18. Salem’s Lot (remember, this was a tv-movie-mini-series. Make sure you watch the FULL length version)
  19. When a Stranger Calls (original)
  20. Black Christmas (original)
  21. Bloody Birthday (this one is kind of odd and unique)
  22. Dark Night of the Scarecrow (Sad and disturbing. Banned movie, controversial)
  23. Legend of Lizzie Borden – Elizabeth Montgomery version (tv movie)
  24. Beware The Children (80s Troma flick, zombie like kids with black fingernails)
  25. Midnight Offerings (high school rivalry with witches)
  26. Shadow of the Hawk (creepy 70s, Native American theme, TV movie)
  27. The Conjuring (a little hokey at times but good for new horror)
  28. Silver Bullet (werewolf tale, Stephen King story)
  29. Blood for Dracula and Flesh for Frankenstein (Andy Warhol low budget)
  30. Bad Seed (old black and white, sociopath child who is a ‘bad seed’)
  31. Rear Window (more of a thriller, this one has a build up that will make you gasp)
  32. Psycho (the original)
  33. Let the Right One In (also, the alt version Let Me In, you should watch both.  A vampire movie unlike any other)
  34. The Cabin In The Woods (Joss Whedon.  Not super scary but I enjoyed the ending.  Unique overall.)
  35. It Follows (I had to watch this one SEVERAL times before I saw the beauty in it.)
  36. Lady In White (set in the past, eerie and haunting)
  37. Prom Night (1980)
  38. Hammer House Of Mystery And Suspense Child’s Play 1984 (This is so good and I have only seen it lately listed on YouTube. Watch the full there 1:15.)
  39. Beware The Blob (super cheesy, low budget. Fun 80s spin on an old classic)
  40. The Blob (1958, Steve McQueen.  Make sure you watch this in HD color)
  41. The Caller (2011, this one slowly draws you in)
  42. V/H/S: Viral (a few short stories, prob camera. The story of boys skateboarding gave me chills)
  43. Jennifer’s Body (horror and comedy, a unique story of sacrifice and possession)
  44. Fright Night (original)
  45. The Exorcist
  46. ?
  47. ??
  48. ???
  49. ????
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