First Watch – Blood Riders: The Devil Rides with Us (2013)

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Blood Riders: The Devil Rides with Us

20131 h 11 min

Blood Riders is a blood soaked adventure comedy about 4 young friends who stumble upon a body after stealing a car. That discovery pushes the friends on a road trip around town during which they try get rid of the increasing amount of corpses. Along their wild ride the kids encounter neo-Nazis, punk artists, devil worshipers and a plan to resurrect Hitler.

Director Lari Teras
Runtime 1 h 11 min
Release Date 30 November 2013
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Movie Rating Not rated
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I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would.  For the lowdown nitty-gritty, read on.

I turned this one on without even reading the synopsis, it is nice to have a little surprise from time to time.

Blood Riders: The Devil Rides with Us is a VERY low budget film……. with excellent lighting, camera shots, and overall production.  I even think I am watching this in HD right now.  I am as shocked as you are.

The acting is very good for a low budget and the friends are a believable friend unit.

The story is kind of weak but flows well.  Friends end up with a couple of dead bodies then take a trip to try to find someone that will help them get rid of them.

Along the way they meet a variety of characters that are different from their day to day norm.

The pace is good as the story progresses.

The soundtrack is very good.  Sometimes the foley sounds are a bit loud and inappropriately placed but I can forgive them.

This film could be described as:  A comical horror adventure that is a fun watch if you want to drift off or blow a hot summer day inside the cool AC.  Definitely not a movie I would plan movie watching around or expect a lot from.  This one is best to just have on in the background as you do other things.


Negatives:  Scene in a shower when the killer is washing off the blood, the blood is bright orange like watered down gelatin.  This quickly reminds us that this is a low budget.

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